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If you have arrived at this page of my website Alan Stransman Communications, it is, in all likelihood, because I have reached out to you via one of the professional online networks, such as LinkedIn or Manta.

The purpose of this page is to provide an overview of my background and experience as a Writer, and as a Producer and Director, as well, of broadcast television programs and series and videos.


My Background in the Television and Video Production Industry

I am a graduate of the Master’s degree program in Telecommunications/Film from the Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University.

Upon graduation, I began my career in television production at CFTO-TV in Toronto, which was, at that time, the flagship station of the CTV Network in Canada. During my 14 1/2-year career at CFTO-TV,  I wrote and produced a wide range of programs and series, most notable of which were three prime-time documentary programs for the CTV Network which were hosted by Isabel Bassett.

Those programs were:

  • Children Take Care, on the subject of child abuse and child safety, which won a Gold Medal at Canpro
  • No Place to Hide, on the subject of wife assault, which won a Gold medal at CanPro
  • Missing, on the subject of missing children


Career Highlights as a Freelance Writer and Independent Producer

Upon leaving CFTO-TV, I embarked upon a career as a Freelance Writer and Independent Producer of broadcast television programs and videos.

Among the many credits in this phase of my professional experience, the most notable include:

  • Writing and producing State of the Heart, a one-hour documentary on heart disease which was broadcast on the Global Television Network
  • Writing The Ocean Ranger Disaster, a one-hour documentary on the sinking of the Ocean Ranger for the CTV Network and National Geographics which was produced by Cinenova Productions in Toronto
  • Creating, writing, producing and directing Sprctacular Spas, a 78-episode series on the top resort and destination spas in the world, which was broadcast on Discovery Travel and in more than 50 countries worldwide


Samples of Scripts for Video Productions

I have also written scripts for a great many promotional videos, four of which are included below.

The first is a video which was produced by Blue Moon Productions in Toronto, for which I was hired as a writer.

To View Video Simply Click the Arrow


Video Sample 2

The second sample is a live-action video which I wrote, produced and directed for Ste. Anne’s Spa in Grafton, Ontario.



Video Sample 3

The third sample is a video which I wrote and produced for the Joya Spa in Arizona, using still images provided by the spa.

Video Sample 4

The fourth video sample is one which I wrote and produced for the Champlain Institute in Toronto.

Video Sample 5

The fifth video sample is one which I wrote for Dubai-based MovieMedia run by George Jacob.



A Note About Style and Tone

As stated above, I have written scripts for television programs on a wide range of topics and in many different styles and tones.

Every project is different, and every script is tailored to the specific needs and nuances of the project.

I take pride in my ability to not only write on a wide variety of subjects, but also to be a “quick study” – a very valuable asset in a writer.

Having said that, I take particular pleasure in writing scripts that require a touch of “lyricism”, if you will, as I believe that there has to be at least a bit of a poet in every script writer.


What Does It Cost To Hire Me as a Freelance Writer?

Whenever possible, I like to work within the budget of a particular project.

By doing that, I believe that the relationship with the production company gets off to a good start.

Conversely, I feel  that exceeding the budget figure starts the project off on the wrong foot.

In most instances, a script for a television program or video will be done on a flat fee basis, but I am also open to an hourly rate.


How to Contact Me

Feel free to contact me anytime via:

Telephone: 416-519-4427416-519-4427


Email: astransman@rogers.com


Skype: AlanStransman







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