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FirmBee / Pixabay

FirmBee / Pixabay

Welcome to this page on my website Alan Stransman Communications Dot Com.

This page was created specifically for small business owners and entrepreneurs whom I have contacted via email to offer one or more of the following marketing products or services:

  1. A domain.
  2. Website
  3. Video
  4. YouTube Channel
  5. Facebook Page
  6. YouTube Advertising
  7. Facebook Advertising


The Value of a Second or Additional Domains

Many small business websites are not “search-engine” friendly – which is to say that they do not attract prospective customers and clients who are searching for exactly what they have to offer online.

Let’s say, for example, that you are a landscaping company based in Boston called Smith Landscaping.

Your website might well be called, www.smithlandscaping.com

The domain, www.smithlandscaping.com may make perfect sense as it is the name of the business, but people searching for a landscaping company in Boston are not looking for “smith landscaping”.

They are searching for “Boston landscaping”.

Remember – the job of a search engine is to deliver the most relevant results to theĀ  individual searching for information.

If you were a search engine like Google, and someone was searching for information about “Boston landscaping”, where would you be more likely to direct that traffic – to a website called, www,smithlandscaping.com or one called, www.bostonlandscaping.com?

Obviously, having the domain, www.bostonlandscaping.com would be a huge advantage to a landscaping company in Boston, as the domain includes an “exact match” of the search term that people are actually using to find that service.

Hence, if you are a landscaping company in Boston it would make sense to own at least two domains – www.smithlanscaping.com for your main website, and www.bostonlandscaping.com to redirect traffic to your main website.

One of the ways in which I help small business owners to market online is by locating desirable domains in their niche and offering them for purchase.

By purchasing an additional domain, as a small business owner, you have the opportunity to do the following:

  • redirect traffic from the keyword-rich domain to your main website
  • build a website on the additional domain
  • prevent a competitor from acquiring the search-engine-friendly domain and building a website which will pull prospective customers and clients away from your website


Why Would You Want to Create a Second Website?

As I stated above, many small business owners have a primary website which is built on a domain that is not “search-engine-friendly” – and, hence, they are not attracting prospective customers and clients to their business through search engine traffic.

Compounding the problem, is the fact that many small business websites are not “mobile-friendly” – which is to say that they do not display clearly on a mobile device. As of April 21, 2015, websites that are not “mobile-friendly” will be penalized by Google, as more than half of all searches on line are done on mobile devices.

Google has created a tool to allow small business owners to test their website to see if it is mobile-friendly.

If you would like to test your own website to see if it is mobile-friendly click here.


The Simple Solution to Getting More Customers and Clients Online

Once again, this page was created specifically for small business owners whom I have contacted directly via email to offer a premium domain in their specific niche.

By finding available domains that are “search-engine” friendly and making them available to small business owners, I help them to attract new customers and clients into their business.

By creating a simple, low-cost, but highly functional, mobile-friendly website, I can take helping small business owners market online to a higher level.

If you would like to see a sample of the kind of website that I can create for you at a very affordable price click here.



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