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Freelance writing for television Welcome to this page on the website Alan Stransman Communications Dot Com entitled Video Creation Services.

As I stated on the home page of this website, my background is broadcast television production.

I am a graduate of the Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University, with a Masters degree in Telecommunications/Film, and and I was an in-house writer/producer at CFTO-TV in Toronto from 1980-1995, and an independent producer from 1995-2002.

I have written, produced and directed hundreds of hours of broadcast television programs in series, including award-winning documentaries on such topics as wife assault, child safety and teen sexuality and also created, wrote, produced and directed the 78-episode series “Spectacular Spas”, which was broadcast in more than 50 countries worldwide.


Video Marketing on YouTube is the Hot Button for 2015

If you are a small business owner, you may have already been contacted by an internet marketer offering to create a YouTube video to promote your business.

There is a very good reason why video marketing on YouTube has become the new hot button in the online marketing world.

YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the internet – second only to Google – and YouTube is owned by Google.

According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more U.S. adults between the ages of 18-34 than any single cable network.

Over 6 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched every month.

And while you might think that the majority of videos being watched on YouTube are viral videos of pets performing tricks, that is not the case.

Over 60% of videos watched on YouTube are the results of searches – in other words, people go to YouTube and search for information – on topics, products and on local businesses.


Why You As a Business Owner Cannot Ignore YouTube

By now, just about everyone in business understands the value of Google traffic – especially, free, organic traffic – that’s the traffic that you can attract to your website by having¬† properly-optimized content.

The process of structuring content on a website and creating backlinks to it so that it can be found by search engines is known as Search Engine Optimization – or SEO.

Search engine traffic is the best kind of traffic on the internet because it is comprised of people who are searching for what you have to offer, as opposed to responding to an advertisement.

While most people in business now understand the value of free, organic traffic from Google, many small business owners do not realize that free, organic traffic is also available from the internet’s second-biggest search engine – YouTube.

To give you one example – and I could provide thousands – the search term “auto repair las vegas” is searched 720 times per month.

That means that 720 people are looking for a car repair shop in Las Vegas. If you own a car repair business in Las Vegas, those 720 people whose cars are in need of repair would represent a lot of business – and a lot of money.

The auto repair shop owners in Las Vegas get that – which is why there are 2450 pages on the internet that are competing for the search term” auto repair las vegas”.

A single click for that search term in Google’s Adwords platform costs almost $20 – that’s $20 for each visitor to your website.

That can add up quickly.

But how many videos are competing for the keyword “auto repair las vegas”?


That’s right – 38.

If you were an auto repair shop in Las Vegas, would you want to compete with 2450 pages on the internet, or 38 videos on YouTube?


What Kind of Video Do You Need to Market Your Business on YouTube?

During my career in broadcast television production – which spanned more than 20 years – I worked exclusively in “live action” programs in series.

I can, and still do, create live action videos for business owners and entrepreneurs, to post on their websites, on YouTube, and on other video sites. Below is an example of a “live action” video which I wrote and directed for Ste. Anne’s Spa in Grafton, ON.

If you are not familiar with the term “live action”, it refers to video footage which is shot on location with a production crew.

The above video for Ste. Anne’s Spa is an example of a video shot on location with a production crew and a number of on-camera models, and also features a voice-over narration and original music track.

This kind of production is expensive, and no longer necessary to promote books, businesses and and products on line.


The Dynamic New World of Video Production

If you have made your way to this page on my website, it is likely because I have sent you the link to this page in an email because you are a small business owner, and I am proposing that you take advantage of the marketing opportunities made available by YouTube.

YouTube is the second most popular website on the internet – second only to Google – with over 1 billion unique users and an astounding 4 billion video views every day.

If you are a small business owner, author or entrepreneur – or anyone marketing any kind of product or service on the internet – you cannot overlook the marketing opportunities offered by YouTube.

And the good news is that you no longer need to spend money on “live action” video due to the development of a number of video creation technologies that can create engaging, compelling videos for a fraction – a small fraction! – of the cost of live action.

Below is an example of a video which can be created for a few hundred dollars, and which is actually more popular than live action video.

It is called “whiteboard video”, and YouTube viewers love it:


Animated Videos Are Another Popular YouTube Format

Another popular format for YouTube marketing videos is the animated video.

Remember, I studied film production at the Newhouse School of Communications when animated films were created frame-by-frame and cost thousands of dollars per minute of screen time.

Below, is an example of an animated video which I can create for you for a couple of hundred dollars – and the result is as good as, if not better than, anything that could be created in an animation camera:


 What Really Matters in YouTube Video Marketing

The whiteboard and the animated videos posted above are two examples of the kinds of stunning videos that can be created for small business owners, authors and entrepreneurs to take advantage of the traffic available on YouTube for a fraction of the cost of traditional video.

But creating a video and posting it to YouTube is only the beginning.

Remember – while there are 4 billion video views on YouTube every day – there are also thousands of new videos being uploaded every day, and if you want your video to get views on YouTube you have to know how to “optimize” your video for the YouTube search engine and how to create and optimize a YouTube channel.

YouTube is the new frontier of Internet marketing for small business owners, authors and entrepreneurs and many people are offering video marketing services will not only do not have a background in video production, but are not aware of the fact that YouTube refers to send viewers to an authority channel as opposed to a stand-alone video.

Hence, if I have sent you a link to this page on my website, proposing to create a promotional video for your business or product, it is my very strong recommendation that in addition to uploading a video to YouTube, I create a YouTube channel for you – as opposed to simply uploading the video through my YouTube account.

This is a crucial factor in getting views for your promotional video.


I Have Posted a Number of Sample Videos on This Website

I have included three sample videos on this page to give you an idea of the range of formats that are available through this website.

If you look on the right side of the screen you are on right now, you will see a heading entitled, “Posts on this Site”.

I have posted a large number of sample videos in specific niches in the Posts section of the site.

Please feel free to review any of the videos posted, and to contact me if you would like to discuss how I can create a promotional video for you.

You can contact me via:

Telephone: 416-519-4427


Email: astransman@rogers.com